Bibi Fund


It was April 8th, 2007 my love for Bibi began. That day I knew she was a special dog. She came to CCHS from the Terre Haute Humane Society in Indiana. CCHS routinely pulls dogs from high kill shelters when we have room. Thankfully, Bibi was one of the lucky dogs that week. She came into that shelter as a stray and was spayed. Who lost this sweet soul?

Bibi soon began her adventure of getting ready for adoption and finding a home. The shelter found out within a few days that she had heartworm disease and my heart sank. Bibi received treatment for the heartworms which took a few months and she had to be kept quiet. Her treatment was going well, but she began to lose weight and became very thin. Bibi went back to the vet, and he did a blood draw so he could test her blood to see if he could find out what was wrong with her. It was discovered that her liver levels were abnormal.

The animal services team scrambled to raise funds for our Veterinary Care Fund so Bibi could have surgery to have a biopsy done. The results of the biopsy came back and there was damage to her liver. Our vet prescribed some special medication to help her liver. Bibi was also put on some natural remedies with the supervision of her vet. Bibi had her last blood draw done around the end of October, 2007 and all her liver levels came back normal! YES NORMAL! Bibi’s fight for life was the reason our Animal Services Committee started our Special Veterinary Care Fund called The Bibi Fund. CCHS wanted to make sure there was a special fund set aside for animals who may need extra care to get ready for adoption. The Bibi Fund is used to support extra medical expenses needed for animals such as dentals, amputations, eye removals, tumor removals, etc.

In October, 2007, my husband and I adopted Bibi and made her a permanent part of our family 🙂 She immediately got along with my other dogs and fit in perfectly. One of Bibi’s favorite things to do was to bury toys and my shoes in our backyard. She also enjoyed going on walks, hanging out in our backyard with her doggie siblings and playing fetch. Bibi loved life 🙂

On January 19, 2015 Bibi could fight no more and I made the trip to the Vet where she fell asleep forever in my arms knowing she was loved. She is now chasing tennis balls in heaven with her buddy Max. I will forever hear Bibi barking when I pull my car in the garage. I will forever find shoes sticking up in the dirt in the woods in the backyard. I will forever see her cute little stumpy tail wiggling with excitement when she saw me. I will forever see the happiness in her eyes that we were a family 🙂

Please donate to the Bibi Fund at CCHS so we can keep helping many more medically needy animals.

Thank you!

Michele Baillies, CCHS Board President

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