Dog Application

  • Adoption Prerequisites

    • NOTE: You must fill out every field with a star by it or your application will not be submitted.
    • Adopter must be 21 years old or a homeowner if under 21. Proof of ownership may be required.
    • Current Pets should be current on vaccinations/heartworm prevention.
    • CCHS may check with landlords for approval of pets in rental homes/apartments/condos.
  • Renters

    Please provide your landlord's contact information
    The Columbia County Humane Society offers adopters 1 month of free pet insurance. This insurance will provide you with coverage for your pet for 1 month. Would you like this insurance
  • Are you comfortable teaching your dog manners?
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    We choose the home WE feel is the best home for the dog based on the interaction/application with the family and other dogs. A filled out application DOES NOT guarantee your application will be accepted for the dog you are applying for. Dogs will not be held without an approved application. I hereby state that information provided is true to the best of my knowledge. Falsifying information will result in a denial of my application. I also sign that I understand how the adoption process works and the fees involved with adoption. I understand that if the dog I have chosen is not altered at the time the application is filled out, I must wait until the surgery is performed before the dog can go home with me. Dogs will be held no more than 3 days after an application is approved.